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Natural and Ease of Use

Aromatic and Cool Air

Mosquito Repellent and Fire Resistant

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About Kusha Weaves Aromatic Eco-Fibers

Kusha Weaves is an eco-friendly natural fiber with proven antidepressant aroma and Temperature maintaining properties, additionally, it is effective against mosquitoes and insects too. The Home decore textiles /items made from these fibers have consistent fragrance, mosquito/insect repellent properties. It is first of its kind innovation worldwide and is a Intellectual property of Rayush. This fiber making utilizes agricultural waste of aromatic crops so have huge environmental as well as social impact for creating job opportunities for weavers and each strata of society.

Consistent Antidepressant Aroma



Long Aromatic Shelf Life

Repels Mosquitoes and Insects

Natural and Chemical free

Totally Degradable

Residential Services

Connect to our expert designers for Naturally Cool Fragrant home decor textile requiermnts.

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Commercial Services

Our Designers can add a unique touch to your business buildings with naturally Cool, fragrnat home decor textiles , coonect for more details and bulk orders.

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